2006 was another good year. It started out with Mimaw turning 80. From there during spring break I took a trip to Padre Island on spring break and stopped by the Alamo in San Antonio, then stopped by the Capitol in Austin, and somewhere in between checked out the Natural Bridge Caverns. With Easter there was a new addition, Kaitlyn to take a picture of with the bunny cake. Mothers day went off as usual with pizza and with a change at the end. We went and saw Bill Engvall. In June we took a vacation back to Las Vegas again. This time we took the easy way and flew so there was no chance of car trouble again.  Karen was here for the reunion again finally. Danny and Nedra came out to the parents house for Thanksgiving. And Christmas ended the year.

Memaws Birthday


Natural Bridge Caverns


Bill Engvall





The Alamo




Las Vegas





Capitol of Texas


Mothers Day


Locker Reunion