Well its a new year and plenty of pictures to be taken. So far we have had Easter and Mothers day. Also we finally all got together and took some pictures in the bluebonnets. It was fun and we got a chance to meet Joe. Also we got Bonnie out in the bluebonnets and those pictures came out great especially with my new wide angle lens. The 4th of July I had a barbaque at my house serving brisket. I attended Tabitha's birthday where her theme was princess. I finally took my camera to the State Fair and saw the waffle house waffle eating contest and got plenty of good pictures. The Locker reunion was a usual affair in Brownwood, though I think this is the last time we will be staying in that dirty motel, and the year ended with Christmas at mimaw's house where I got my first taste of the Nintendo Wii and Joe went all out playing it.






July 4 Barbeque


Locker Reunion





Tabitha's Birthday





Mothers Day


State Fair