With the new year I am still with Verizon and taking pictures in my spare time. So far We have had Easter where the great grandchildren played some Tball with Brent. Also in June we had a family vacation where Karen and Joe got married in Las Vegas and later traveled to Merced California for the Askins family reunion. We had Thanksgiving at mom and dads house. Karen and Joe came down but I dont have any pictures from then because I forgot to charge the camera and then forgot to take some pictures once it was charged. The day after we had a surprise birthday party for moms 60th birthday. I did get some pictures of it and was able to redeem myself. As always we rounded out the year with Christmas at Mimaws. Everyone was there except for Karen and Joe. Overall this year was pretty good. Even though the stock market has steadily lost and we are officially in a recession, I still have a job with Verizon at the end of the year.



Karen/Joe's Wedding


Mom Turns 60



Las Vegas


Askins Reunion






Castle Air Museum


Locker Reunion 2008