Ok so far this year we have Elected the first black american President, Barack Obama. Also we started the year with a recession with many people loosing jobs and houses being forclosed on. Luckily so far it has not affected anyone in the family. I still work with Verizon as a Network Technician. Karens with Cox still with her husband Joe. The first pictures of the year started out with Kaitlyns 3rd birthday at Brent and Wendys house. Next was Easter at Mimaws house. And the last so far is my trip to New York for the Albright Family Reunion with stops in Dayton OH and back through Washington DC. I am sure there are plenty more things to be seen this year as it is only half way over.

Kaitlyn 3rd Birthday


Albright Reunion


New York City








Niagara Falls





Buffalo Naval Park


National Air Museum